The Perfect Mud Pie

Aktualisiert: 21. Nov. 2020

So, here we are again, back in lockdown and The Early English Club is sadly closed for the time being.

This week has seen my family confined to our home and I have been looking for ways to have fun with my children in the garden. These damp, chilly autumnal days often seem less than inviting, and the draw of going back inside after ten minutes rather tempting. So, I decided to suggest this old classic to my children. It kept them really happy and busy and has sparked off lots more creative ideas for garden cookery. When you include the time spent playing the the bath after becoming caked in mud, that is a whole afternoon of fun!

I have created a recipe for the 'The Perfect Mud Pie' to share with you.

Have fun everyone!

The Perfect Mud Pie







1.First, take mud that’s dry as flour,

and sprinkle in the bowl.

Lift it high for lots of air,

and then prepare to fold.

2.Pour in water drop by drop,

stirring all the time.

You’ll know when it is ready,

cos it looks and feels like slime.

3. Push your hands in, squidge, squelch,

and let your fingers splay.

Search for lumps and clumps of mud,

and rub them all away.

4. Turn it out with three strong taps

and mould it like a dome.

Decorate with leaves and sticks

and sprinkle it with stones.


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