Storytelling in a kindergarten English lesson.

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I have found it a struggle to find the right way to use books with my groups of 3-6 year olds. Being a huge fan of sharing stories with children, I have always been determined to include them in my lessons. However, I often abbreviated age appropriate stories as I saw the children becoming lost in the unknown vocabulary. I tried using very simple pictures books aimed at younger children but the plots were not engaging enough to interest my pupils.

So, I started writing and illustrating my own stories. My aim with each book was to tell the whole narrative through the pictures. I am no great artist but my simple drawings have done the trick. The small amount of text which I then added included a combination of rhyme, repetition and simple songs which enabled the children to become actively involved in the stories. It has been wonderful to see the children singing along, calling out rhyming words and laughing. In terms of the pupil's enjoyment of stories and subsequent use of the language within them, they have been a great success.

Creating my own stories and songs, of course, takes time. However, I save hours of trawling through the internet for ideas and thinking how to pull them together for a cohesive lesson. For me, it is also a really enjoyable and rewarding process. An inspiring teacher once told me that you will only ever teach a great lesson if you are looking forward to delivering it. My work recently has reminded me how true these words are.

Here are a couple of my illustrations.

This picture is from "The Emergency Rescue" which is part of a series of stories which link to my transport topic. It shows Bertha Boat getting into trouble. The text (which I have written on the back of each laminated picture) reads "Nobody heard her, "HELP! HELP!" she cried, when as luck would have it, Tilly Tug Boat chugged by."

This is an illustration from "Bedtime Buddies: Fireworks Night", one of a series of stories I which links to my Toys topic. The text reads "Beautiful fireworks soar into the sky. Yellow, purple, orange and green! The most beautiful sight they had ever seen."

I have created a set of pictures of the characters from the stories to accompany each of my topics. I have colour photocopied them for a variety of purposes such as sticking them into vocabulary books or laminating them to make cards for matching pairs or flashcards. As the children get to know and love the characters in the stories, they really enjoy seeing their old friends in different contexts. This really helps the children to engage in learning their topic words.

I hope that some of my ideas are helpful to other teachers facing similar challenges with storytelling. I would love to hear from you if you have any other ideas or tips to share or if you find my experiences to be helpful.

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