My ESL Kindergarten Topic Plan and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum Links

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Now that I am no longer a reception teacher, nobody ever asks to look in my planning file. While the pressure is now off me, which is nice in some ways, I miss sharing and discussing my work. So, I would like to offer up a couple of items that I think could be of benefit to other ESL teachers.

My kindergarten English topic plan

Firstly, I would like to share with you my plan for this year which shows how I am building the children's knowledge of the English vocabulary. When I started to teach kindergarten English, I found many nice examples of ESL activities and songs. However, I found few examples of how to pull them together and scaffold children's learning. I hope that by sharing this plan I can help others to make a confident and successful start. I have taught the first two terms of this year which were each 10 weekly 50 minute lessons. The final term has had to wait due to the corona virus crisis.

Kindergarten English Topic Plan
Download RTF • 16KB

Links between ESL lessons in The Early English Club and the EYFS

The lessons support children to meet many developmental milestones as well as teaching them the English language. I find the process of referring to the EYFS statutory framework very heartening: it reminds me exactly how rich the learning experience is for children. Even though we have a specific focus for our lessons as ESL teachers, young children never learn one skill in isolation. The following table explains how the lessons support children to reach many different Early Learning Goals. These are the developmental milestones which children are working towards during their Early Years education in England between the 3-5 years of age.

Links to the EYFS
Download RTF • 10KB

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