My English playgroup is coming back - and we are going wild!

Aktualisiert: 25. Nov. 2020

We are coming cautiously out of lockdown in Austria and my playgroups are meeting again. Only three or four parents at a time, in the open air and wearing facemasks. So it is not business as usual, but another little step towards resuming normality in our community. We will be meeting in local playgrounds and swapping our usual craft resources for those found in the wild.

I am rather looking forward to a forest school style playgroup session. In my previous job as a reception teacher, I spent every Friday afternoon in the woods with my year group. It was such a wonderful time in our week and I am hoping to recapture the joy of this experience with my playgroup mummies and children.

I spent yesterday morning was making mud paint with my own children - getting back into the spirit of forest school in my garden and reminding myself how its done. I am feeling very thankful for my wild garden and (equally wild!) little ones to help me in my preparations.

I am planning to include as many elements of my usual sessions as possible, with singing, crafts, breakfast (prepared by parents for their own children) and toys to play with. I am just hoping that I am able to compete with the drawn of swings and least for a few minutes here and there?! Wish me luck!

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